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The NACTA Advantage

Why Become a Vendor Member?

The North American Celtic Trade Association (NACTA) is a non-profit organization that incorporates approximately 106

retailer members and 95 vendor members. We benefit greatly by working as a group to increase business for both retailers

and vendors alike. The vendor-retailer partnership is central to all our businesses and NACTA strives to provide opportunities

to strengthen this partnership. Some are outlined below, but pro-active members find many more ways to utilize their

membership to benefit their business. We encourage you to do the same. There are many ways in which NACTA can facilitate

your efforts to build your connection to new and existing customers.

• Networking Probably one of the greatest assets, NACTA promotes networking at every opportunity. It is what keeps the

energy, enthusiasm and enjoyment in our market. Business friendships are worth their weight in gold so next time there’s a

NACTA get-together do your business a favor and be there! NACTA events will be posted on

• Communication & Information as a vendor member, your company will be listed in the Member Directory on the main

website, you will have the opportunity to browse and utilize the Members Area of the NACTA website, which includes

uploading product video, promoting new products, access to details on events and ability to communicate news and

matters of relevance to all NACTA members.

• NACTA Facebook Group As a member, you will be invited to join the NACTA Member Forum on Facebook – a terrific

way to promote your company and to keep in touch with your customers, find out what’s going on in the Irish/Celtic

market and communicate with fellow members. The NACTA Member Forum is a closed group and all members are

admitted. It has been described as “the best thing to happen in our market for years”!

• The Seanchai – NACTA’s Newsletter A valuable resource for Vendor members, the Seanchai is published and distributed

to all members three times annually. Vendors are encouraged to submit newsworthy events ...are you launching a new

product? This is free advertising directly to your target market! There is also an opportunity for a feature article on your

company. If you would like to be the focus of a Vendor Profile, let us know. Advertising opportunities are also available.

• Unique Irish Central Advertising Opportunity. In a NACTA/Shop Section on the main website.

Advertise collectively as members of the Association with Irish Central stand to receive discounted rates of up to 40% less

than an individual.

• Allow TransferMate Global to work for you …… this international group can provide Vendor members with all the

benefits of easily sending and receiving payments overseas. Faster, cheaper and way more efficient than any bank. Just go

to to sign up, and learn more about the benefits from this connection.

Your fellow Retail store owner and your Vendor suppliers appreciate your participation. Please consider coming on board as

an active partner in this dynamic and unique trade sector. If you have any thoughts to share or wish to to learn more please

feel free to contact me and I will be glad to hear

Paul O’Neill (Boru Jewelers) - Vendor Representative of the NACTA Board of Directors

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